Green Hill Boxing Gloves Dove


Green Hill Boxing Gloves Dove


f you intend to get into the boxing business with the best you should first consider proper training. Land punch after punch and avoid damage to joints by keeping your hands are kept in position by using Green Hill's pre-curved leather punching gloves. Made with several layers of horse hair padding from quality Genuine Cow Grain leather, these Greenhill's professional competition gloves give the athlete maximum protection. Palms are kept odor free, fresh and dry with easy ventilation from its ergonomically designed curve slit. Athletes get top grade genuine leather gloves with a comfort fit with GRX Superior laces and unmatched durability with advanced J-Z stitching techniques. This is the best choice for long-lasting durable professional Boxing gloves.


The multi-layered padding with horsehair ensures safety which is a priority for a perfect punch coupled with thumb lock for injury prevention and waterproof lining for sweat prevention.

When it comes to durability and usage, these gloves are unmatched simply because of the genuine grain leather they are made of. The comfort fit of the gloves is ensured with the GRX laces.

A physically fit athlete easily makes snap punches and quick reflexes. You are also able to train harder because of its lightweight design which makes it easy to carry.

Hands are kept odor free, fresh and dry through the superior ventilation and wide range of motion using a single DVA construction. Comfort is not compromised because shock is disseminated through the multi-layered horsehair padding and this padding also avoids extreme punishment. It's a must have because of its durability, non-toxic, anti-slip and easily cleanable design.

Its ideal for Professional Competitions since it has tough genuine leather and Powered by GCRX-Curved Slit Palm with reinforced laces making it easier to wear.

Multi-layered padding with horse hair makes safety a priority during a perfect punch. The waterproof lining ensures padding remains sweat free and thumb lock avoids injury. Laces are closed and full leather construction has fine quality stitching.

Material: Genuine Leather
Use: Professional Competition Glove