Metal Pro Groin Guard


Metal Pro Groin Guard


Groin Guard/ Cup Supporter IRON

This rock solid groin guard / Cup supporter is definitely your ultimate choice, with regards to secure yourself in any martial arts and boxing fights as well as training.

 The groin guard / cup supporter consists of pure steel cup, which emphatically secures your most delicate body organ, from punches, kicks and other unpleasant and extreme contacts.

Inner surface of the cup is covered with soft flexible frothy material, and the sides of the cup covered with thick spongy sheet for a soft and easy feeling when you wear it; external surface is produced using astounding sharp gleaming engineered GRX material, with exquisite printing.

The cup is bolstered with double affixing system, from the top it is connected with a sturdy wide flexible waist band, further from the bottom side connected to waist band with a cord, so that you play unhampered with superior performance.

Anatomically designed to fit perfectly, offering incredible versatility and comfort.

The genuine steel cup limits the impact amazingly to almost no impact, with its completely steel and Eva coordinated shock absorbing system.


  • Internal Cup made of real steel                                        
  • Improved, unrestricted mobility
  • Performance enhancing product
  • Recommended for all the martial arts games’ training and competition.
  • Availability:  Standard Color, in S to L sizes.